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Aquarius Mind Tricks

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ahaha YES!

Should I make one for embroidery for you?

And how exactly would you incorporate this into a sleeve or bodice while keeping stretchiness? Are you not supposed to back it? Or back it with more smocking?

If you dont do it the quick and dirty way (knot each group instead of running a continuous thread through the lattice) you don't need to back it because if a group or two break it will be an easy fix.

If you want to back it anyway you can a) smock the lining fabric so it will fit perfectly or b) use a lining that is a little larger than the pattern

OR you can line it with a knit fabric since knits have a hell of a lot more stretch than wovens.

Wow! I don't think I had any idea you could do that with fabric (although I guess I could probably say that about a lot of things). It looks so lovely!! I'm super impressed :D :D

(by the way, the third image down might be linked wrong, because it's showing up as a repeat of the image above it.)

(er, oops, I meant the 4th image down. sorry!)


questo e benissimo!

Thank you!

I have waited years to learn how to do this! Thank you so much for taking the time to show step by step how to do this. It's very pretty and I will try it as soon as the holidays are over and life gets back to its boring routinely routine.

Thank you again!

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